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Lowest credit card PROCESSING FEES

eRestau is EASY

Easy to set-up. Easy to use.

The service team can use any smartphone or touch screen PC and still enjoy all eRestau functionalities.

Orders are sent directly to kitchen printer/monitor. Receipts are printed from any device to any receipt printer.

Management, kitchen and bar see live orders and their order status immediately in the system. The service team, kitchen(s) and bar(s) are hooked up nicely to accomodate restaurant needs.

We can CUSTOMIZE eRestau to MEET your special needs.

eRestau is SCALABLE

Get eRestau today!

eRestau is simple, fast, user friendly and a flexible POS system. eRestau makes it very easy to create and edit a menu item.

SCALABLE - Will easily handle any rapid growth of your business.
FLEXIBILITY - Any Smartphone and Tablet-PC could be used.
LIVE OVERVIEW - Precise overview for any management.
AFFORDABLE - A very affordable and innovative POS.
SAFE & SECURE - Our fully integrated, end to end credit card encryption solution provides secure protection of retailer and customer data.